Automated Competitors Price Monitoring and Analysis

Price Watch

Stay Ahead of your Competition.

Feed Optimise® provides an advanced yet easy to use Competitors Price Monitoring and Analysis system allowing you to watch your competitors price changes and making sure that your products are well priced to provide you with desired profit and audience.

Some of main features include:

  • Competitors Auto Discovery

    The only thing we need from you is a product data feed. Our system will find all people selling your products and provide you with list of them sorted by price.

  • Intelligent and Frequent Updates

    Our system will automatically adapt its update frequency to follow your competitors price changes. So if your competitors are changing their prices frequently we will keep checking them as often as it needs to be to stay in sync.

  • Advanced Matching

    Our system can match products based on barcodes, MPNs as well as titles with an ability to differentiate ambiguous names thus very successfully avoiding false positives matches.

  • Full Price Info

    We will provide you with full price details, that is: unit price + shipping costs so you can clearly see all details.

  • Price change alerts

    You can set email price alerts to get notified anytime your competitors will change their price. Email alerts can be narrowed to specific brand, category and competitor as well as price change direction.

  • User Friendly Interface

    All collected informations are presented in very easy to digest form. You can also export all into common spreadsheet formats so you can share it with anyone in your team or store for later use.

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