Tracking Tag Management & Container

Tags Management Container

Control all Tags on Your Website with ease.

Feed Optimise® provides a tag management container allowing you to gain full control over all your tracking and marketing tags thus making sure that all those codes are being included only when needed therefore speeding up your website and removing duplications.

Some benefits of our tag management system include:

  • Order De-duplication

    Our system makes sure that a marketing channel tracking code is included only if a visitor has been directly referred by that channel thus keeping your orders automatically de-duplicated across all marketing campaigns you're currently running.

  • Improved Website Performance

    Thanks to the asynchronous and conditional inclusion all tags are loaded simultaneously along with your website therefore not stoping rendering processes and making sure that only relevant codes are fired.

  • Tags Installation Made Easy

    Our Tag Management system provides intuitive user interface allowing to add any tracking or marketing tags directly our end without modifications to page's source code. We support any html based tag types such as javascript, html, image beacons and more.

  • Conditional Inclusion

    You can set when a code needs to be included based on a number of easy to follow conditions therefore making sure that the code is only there if required or tracking orders when relevant as to a visitor journey path.

  • Industry Verified

    Our tag management and conditional inclusion system has been approved by major shopping and affiliate networks and is currently used by many of our customers therefore making it verified and reliable solution.

  • Available and FREE for all our customers

    We provide tag management system Free of charge for all our customers so if you would like to start using it too please choose your package and start your 30-day free trial now or let us know if you have any questions.

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