Meta Catalogue Feeds Management

Manage and optimise your Facebook and Instagram Catalogue product feeds to attract more sales and greater ROI.

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Optimise your Meta's catalog

Modify your feed content in any number of ways and run A/B tests to pick the best versions

Organise your Meta catalog with sets

Filter and categorise items in your catalog using custom labels and custom numbers
custom labels
  • Using dynamic data sources
    Connect with your Analytics accounts and use metrics from there e.g. best convertors, high CTR and more...
  • Using data rules
    Easily label items based on their attributes such as being on sale, any new items added in x days, best sellers, specific categories and more...
  • Using external sources
    Import from external sheets or data sources such us Google Sheets, Plugins, URLs, SFTPs, APIs and more...
  • Manually, on an item level
    Simply specify for each item individually using our platform.

Localise your catalog

Easily create and manage local country and language override feeds
  • Country override feed
    Enables Meta to localise the content a user is seeing across your ad templates based on their location.
  • Language override feed
    Enables Meta to localise the content's language a user is seeing across your ad templates based on their language preferences.

Monitored feed quality

Stay on top of your feed quality with custom reports and data rules
  • Prioritise
    Assign event priorities to the relevant report labels allowing you to easily monitor and get notified of common issues.
  • Customise
    Fully customisable automation rules engine providing you with the ability to monitor anything you can think of.
  • Stay on top
    Get notified about your source or feeds data changes in real-time or using various digest scopes.
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