Data Feeds Business Intelligence

Slice and dice your data to create beautiful visual filters and reports.


Look at your data from all the angles

Create visual reports about any attributes in your sources or feeds
Column Example #1
  • Segment and classify
    Data distribution and heatmaps allow you to easily get a sense of your various attributes and value clusters.
  • Track data changes over time
    Monitor for sales events, discounts, new items, and more enabling you to stay on top of your data changes.
  • Select from predefined reports
    Use predefined reports, edit them or create your own ones specifically tailored to your own data set.

Automated data diagnosis

Monitor your data against any issues or custom data changes-triggers
  • Priorities
    Assign event priorities to the relevant report labels allowing you to easily monitor and get notified of common issues.
  • Customisable rules
    Fully customisable automation rules engine providing you with the ability to monitor anything you can think of.
  • Push notifications
    Get notified about your source or feeds data changes in real-time or using various digest scopes.

Filter out or in anything you need

Create custom filters allowing you to exclude or include certain items
Exclude out of stock
filter_alt 123
Exclude brands
filter_alt 24
Exclude categories
filter_alt 1412
Exclude if x in y
filter_alt 10220

Stay on top of your data

Get notified instantly when things happen to your data
  • Real-time
    Get notified instantly when specific events are being triggered enabling you to react sooner.
  • Scheduled
    Select from various digest options enabling you to stay on top of various events without riving too many notifications.
  • Channels
    From an e-mail to in-app-based push notifications so you won't miss anything.