Modify and Enrich your Feeds with Ease

Change, extract, replace and manage your data feed with powerful and ready to use modifiers™

IF input > 100 return High

Powerful data modification engine at your fingertips

Create visual data flow pipelines enabling you to chain your data modifications using data modifiers™
Find & Replace
Color extractor
+100 more
  • Detect & Extract
    Use AI models to detect and extract common attributes such as gender, age_group, color, and more, or build your own extractors.
  • Format
    Structure your content to meet any specific needs, make sure your titles are correctly capitalised, and lots more.
  • Convert
    Convert between different currencies, data formats, languages, taxonomies, and more.
  • Condition
    Change your data based on specific conditions helping you to tailor your feed for various different goals based on content-aware rules.

What you see is what you get

We have designed our own unique UI so you can create complex rules with ease
  • Real-time previews
    All your rules and changes can be seen in real-time and tested across any of the items in your catalog.
  • Visual data flows
    Easy-to-follow data flow allows you to trace your data modifications with ease.
  • Rich data structures
    Multidimensional data structures such as lists and nested objects are as easy to see and work with as with any other data type.
IF input = Feed return Optimise

Let us do it for you

Our system uses various ML and AI techniques helping you to enrich your feed.
  • Units
    Extract and detect common numerical attributes such as sizes, weights, volumes, and more.
  • Attributes
    Extract and detect common item attributes such as color, age_group, material, gender, and more.
  • Translate and exchange
    Exchange various currencies against the most recent FX rates, translate and detect the text into the most common languages.