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Automated Data Discovery

Our robots will scan through your links map to find the routes to all the relevant and available attributes.
  • Find its way through
    Our crawling technology will follow the links on your website to discover all relevant data.
  • Control access pattern
    You can control how often and how quickly our robots can be at scanning your website.
  • Very low footprint
    Our robots have a much smaller impact on your server resources than a regular user.

Extract all the relevant information

Our robots can extract all relevant data attributes available across your pages.
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Keeping your feeds fresh

Our robots will actively monitor your website for any content and design changes.
  • Content sync
    Whether you change your prices, or availability or add more items, our robots are equipped to deal with it.
  • Issues detection
    Our robots can detect any HTTP Statuses e.g. 404 links, 301 redirects, server instabilities, and more.
  • Notifications
    Using our analysers platform, you can get notified about any data attribute changes.

Analyse your crawled data

Visualise your crawl-feed attributes distribution and data quality and report changes over time
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