Override and supplement your data

Change data in your feed without any changes to your website, A/B test, keywords enrich and more.


Override and supplement your data using spreadsheets

Easily connect a remote or create a local sheet enabling you to add or change data for number of items in one place
# SKU Custom label 0 New title
1 ABC12345 Bestseller Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
2 YY3311 Push Fusce dignissim dictum risus dictum
3 SKU1133 New In Maecenas fermentum massa et ante
4 D3U1133 Cras finibus lectus at mi pharetra
  • Plugins
    We support all the most popular platforms with set of connector plugins enabling you to access all your data points and keep it all in sync.
  • Existing feeds
    You can connect your existing feed available in any format with us that you host via URL, uploading into FTP or sFTP, or store under one of the cloud storages, you can also upload into our servers directly.
  • Import APIs
    You can also deeply integrate with your platform using our sync APIs giving you import controls over your data on a very gradual level.

Modify your data with ease

Optimise and enrich your data feed content and attributes at scale using various data modifiers
IF input = Feed return Optimise

Items catalog

Search all your items under our catalog enabling you to easily investigate and diagnose your item's data
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