Comparison Shopping Engine Feed Management & Submission

Feedoptimise provide comprehensive Price Comparison Feed Management & Submission Packages.

Our CSE Management package includes everything you need in order to run a successful CPC / CPA marketing campaign. We complete all requirements for you and provide you with all necessary tools allowing you to control and optimise your campaign performance with ease of use.

Our Price Comparison Engine Submission service includes:

  • Feed Creation

    Even if you do not have a feed in your possession we can build feeds for you to match any requirements by the comparison engine. We have relationships in place with a number of affiliates and comparison engines so can help take out the legwork on feed discussions with them.

  • Feed Categorisation / Mapping

    Every comparison shopping site has a different feed format and some are very strict about replicating the exact same format. Because you send your feed out to multiple affiliates and comparison sites this doesn’t allow much room for meeting a successful integration with all of them. Example information that is required is categories by numbers or different category names and specification to their liking. This is always hard work replacing category data and spending time formatting it when Feedoptimise can easily carry this out for you with our unique mapping functionality.

  • Feed Updates

    Your affiliate and comparison partners need feeds updated at least once per day. Dependant on how often your offers and prices change we can automate this so that each partner site gets the freshest feed as often as is required. Our scheduling tools set the times to pick up your feed and send it out to your partners. This process is a vital for keeping your sales rolling in and reducing wasted clicks. You can request the optimum timings for pulling your feed to ensure that your content is at its freshest and most updated. Scheduling feeds to affiliates and comparison sites is always a difficult process to maintain by merchants doing them manually. For us this is a fully automated process, so you never have to worry about your feeds not uploading correctly. For many merchants multiple feed processing is required as prices are continually changing. Many comparison shopping engines run multiple site indexes each day so using our service to provide frequent updates puts you one step ahead of your competition and helps you provide a good user experience thereby also increasing sales.

  • Real-Time Analytics System

    Our performance tracking system gives you the ability to monitor your campaign in Real-Time so you can make the most well informed decisions about your budget settings, feed optimisation etc. Reports can also be pulled on screen and in multiple formats so you have all your past performance and activity at your fingertips.

  • Feed Auto-Optimisation

    Product removal from feeds on CPC based sites is probably the most important part of optimising your performance. Our merchants often need to remove up to 50% of their products to ensure a cost effective campaign. Every product feed will have the ‘click magnets’ that often do not result in sales and therefore are in no way profitable. By identifying these click magnets early it is possible to reduce the negative performance they bring.

    Feed Optimise provides two optimisation methods for our clients:

    1. Auto Optimisation

      An advanced solution which performs optimisation 6 times a day based on specified factors such us: Price Margin, Cost per Sale, Cost per Click, Cost and Clicks. Thanks to this automated functionality, no bad performing products are missed.

    2. Manual Optimisation

      This enables you to decide which products to pause in each channel. Merchants with small feeds can get away with some work time on this but when it comes to medium to large feeds the Auto Optimisation method is preferred among our merchants saving them time and helping avoid errors.

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