Facebook Fan Page Social Storefronts

Facebook Page Storefronts

Facebook Page Storefronts

Feedoptimise provides highly flexible Social Storefront application helping to promote your products across a Facebook Page.

Facebook Page Fans can easily interact with all your products without leaving Facebook and once they've decided to buy a product then they will be redirected to your website where they can finalise the purchase.

Why use our Facebook Page Storefront application?

This is how we compare with other solutions on the market:

  • Direct Sales

    We're integrating your storefront in the way that all sales and orders are handled by your shopping platform directly thus removing additional burden required with managing external shopping card solutions.

  • Simple Setup

    Our application can handle huge number of products and the setup is fully managed by us so you can enjoy your time.

  • Retain your Buyer Details

    Its you who retain all your customer details since all customers perform purchase directly on your website.

  • Real-time Analytics

    We provide all our Storefronts with a real-time analytics so you can measure storefront performance at any time.

  • Free of charge for all our customers.

    If you have chosen any of our paid data feed management services then you can install our Facebook Page Storefront App free of charge.

Facebook Page Storefront Examples

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