Google Shopping Product Feed Management, Submission & Optimisation

About Google Shopping / Product Search.

Google Products Google Shopping, formerly known as Google Product Search, is a proprietary comparison engine from Google. Unlike organic's Google index/search, listing on Google Shopping is only possible through specialised product data feed submission and Google Ads Shopping campaigns. Product feed needs to be built and categorised according to Google Shopping guidelines and requirements.

How Google Shopping can help your store?

When combined with optimized and frequently updated product data feed, Google Shopping will drive you additional traffic thus providing more sales and user base for your e-commerce platform. Google is also featuring most relevant products from Google Shopping into Google's web results, therefore, displaying them to the organic web search traffic.

Feedoptimise Google Shopping data feeds management services.

Feedoptimise takes care of the entire Google Shopping data feed management process for you, starting from the feed creation, through daily data feed submission/updates and ending on data feed real-time performance monitoring and optimisation. Below we have described some management tasks in more details.

  • Data feed creation

    We will create and map/categorise entire feed for you based on all the latest Google guidelines and recommendations (even if we would have to build it by scraping/crawling your website) therefore making sure that your Google Shopping campaigns can perform as good as possible at any time.

  • Product data feed submission/updates

    Feedoptimise will keep updating and submitting your data feed into Google Merchant Centre minimum on a daily basis to keep all your listings always up-to-date, this provides user with the best experience possible.

  • Real-time performance monitoring

    We will also provide you with our real-time data feed performance analytics so you can see your campaign activity, i.e. clicks/sales as soon as they happen.

  • Product data feed optimisation

    Feedoptimise will make sure to describe your products and include as many information as possible inside the data feed to improve your rankings and to help Google Shopping users to find your products among other results.

  • Mulit languages/currencies product data feed submission

    We can submit your products to Google Merchant Centre available across any supported countries, and if you would like to start promoting your products on Google Shopping internationally we can help with currency conversions in runtime.

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