Marketplaces Inventory Synchronisation, Management and Sales Reporting

Fully Automated Inventory Synchronisation & Management

Feedoptimise provides advanced yet easy to use inventory management system, allowing you to make sure that your marketplaces stock will always be accurate.

We are supporting all major marketplace platforms; some of them include:

Amazon Marketplace eBay
  • Fully Managed Inventory Setup.

    We will make sure to provide marketplaces with all your products data. We will map all your items for you against platforms requirements and will make sure that exported product inventory meets best quality requirements thus leaving you with time to focus on providing your customers with the best service possible.

  • Price and Stock Synchronisation.

    We will keep your marketplace inventory in-sync with your product data feed provided to us, therefore, making sure that all item prices and quantities are up-to-date.

  • Accepting any Feed Format.

    We can get you listed across marketplace shopping channels based on any of your data feeds even if it does not provide stock information. We can register you also if you have no data feed! We can do it by scraping your website and creating all inventory information this way.

  • Barcodes Lookup.

    Almost all Marketplace platforms require barcode numbers so they can easily list you along with other sellers. So if you don't have barcode numbers inside your database but selling barcode-enabled products, we can gather them for you, therefore, enabling your listings across marketplace channels.

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