Website Data Scraping & Feed Creation

Product Feed Creation, Automated Website Data Extraction and Scraping.

Feed Optimise™ specialises in the master product feed creation which then can be used as a data backbone to feed into price comparison engines, affiliate networks, shopping channels and more.

We deliver high quality, data rich product feeds extracted from your website's data. We pride ourselves on the quality and ability to deliver comprehensive product data feed creation services. From data scraping to data feed delivery and distribution we are able to tackle a range of diverse problems and are the leading authority on web data extraction and processed automation.

Feed Optimise does the work for you.

We use proprietary software, highly customisable and developed by us to scrape and crawl our customer websites in order to create rich product data feeds for them. With our unique functionality we are able to overcome some of the following challenges you might encounter:

  • Lack of staff resources to carry out product feed creation.
  • Lack of software and programs to carry out extraction.
  • Modern web sites are rich in data but often complex in structure. Valuable data is often presented in complex structures on a web page and manually identifying rules for extracting data instances is a time consuming not to mention a tricky process. Feedoptimise use tools to automate structural data extraction rules and quickly deliver reliable and comprehensive data from the website in question.
  • Complex schedules exist for repeatedly extracting data but Feedoptimise’s distributed architecture enables us to extract large amounts of data in a small amount of time and at regular intervals.

Receive your feeds as fresh as possible.

All data extracted by Feedoptimise is being updated on a daily basis which ensures that feeds contain only ‘in stock’ products and ‘up-to date’ prices.

Convert your product prices to any currency on run-time.

We provide our clients with the option of currency conversion (based on the European Central Bank currency rates) so that our clients can send their data feeds to all the countries they operate in.

Download your feed via a method convenient to you.

We provide you with various options of distribution, enabling you to download/get your data whenever you want. The distribution options are:

  • HTTP downloads
  • FTP download
  • FTP pushes
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