Product Feed Management & Optimisation

Feed Optimise™ takes care for the entire feed management process for you leaving you with real-time analytics and optimisation tools so you can control your profitability.

Streamlined Management Process

Our management process can be divided into 5 steps described below and almost all are fully managed by us so you can focus on the other aspects of your business.

  1. Product Feed Creation & Quality Checks

    Each feed created by us is fully tailored to conform with each channel specifications. We will categorise all items for you and will make sure that all valuable informations which might help to improve your campaign performance are presented inside the feed.

  2. Product Feed Updates

    To make sure you only promote in stock items with the up-to-date prices we will keep updating your feeds as often as needed to satisfy that requirement. It can be anytime from 24h to as often as every 30min. making sure that any click has a potential to bring you a sale.

  3. Product Feed Submission

    Our system has been designed to be able to cope with any submission requirements whether its a standard download over the url, FTP or SFTP uploads or even via various APIs thus making sure we can provide any shopping channel with the latest feed as quickly as its available.

  4. Product Feed Performance Analysis

    Every single product inside any feed submitted by us is by default fully tracked by our proprietary real-time reporting system providing you with deep insight into how each of your product perform across any shopping channel.

  5. Product Feed Profitability Optimisation

    In order to make sure your campaigns are profitable on top of our reporting system we have designed auto-optimisation and bid management tool working in real-time to make sure you spend less than you earn thus keeping your return positive.

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