Real-Time Shopping Feeds Performance Analytics

Feedoptimise provides our clients with sophisticated Real-Time Shopping feeds Analytics.

Our Reporting allows users to see all aspects of their feed based campaigns such as: product level performance, campaign and channel performance, category/brand performance and performance by hours. All data is provided including all necessary information such as: Clicks, Spend, Conversions, CTR, CVR, ROI, CPA, EPC etc. and our interface allows you to easily download any report at any point in time.

Feedoptimise accesses all relevant activity information via a redirect link in the feeds we send out including the product ID, CPC amount and referring site or source. The advantage here is that all clicks and activity pass through our tracking system so all this important information is made available to you and no clicks or costs are missed. We also have a neat interface displaying your activity, and reports are easy to pull when analysing your performance data.

  • Real-Time Insight into your Campaigns

    Since our reporting tool is real-time you can make better, faster and more well-informed decisions with the latest data available. This allows you to influence your marketing activity with no delays and take any necessary actions to keep abreast of your performance as well as remain competitive with your pricing and product promotions in the online marketplace.

  • Campaign Spend Optimisation

    Our system provides functionality for either a CPC or CPA based campaign but this functionality is mainly necessary for a CPC based campaign. We provide built in capabilities to optimise your campaigns spend by specifying a campaign’s thresholds and budgets i.e. you can pause all products where your eCPA’s are not being achieved.

  • SEO friendly tracking methods

    All our tracking methods are 100% search engines safe and not generating any duplicate content/urls. We have managed to achieve that by moving away from using standard HTTP GET tracking parameters which in order to work have to create duplicated urls.

  • Highly Customisable Conversion Tracking

    Our conversion method allows you to easily track criteria such as the amount of sales and the number of different conversion types i.e. from submission which can be used to further optimise your performance.

  • Shopping Feed Monitoring

    We provide you with tools allowing you to easily check your feed status and check when the last feed imports have been carried out. This will help you to make sure that your feeds are reaching all your marketing channels and that you are always sending updated feeds to be indexed.