Enhance Your Google Shopping Strategies with Dynamic Price Competitiveness Labeling and Feedoptimise Prisync Integration

In the dynamic world of online retail, optimising your Google Shopping feed and campaign performance is crucial for driving superior ROI and increasing sales on your website. Key strategies involve ensuring your listings are aligned with customer searches by fully populating relevant attributes and structuring campaigns effectively to maximize budget utilization. This approach ensures that high-conversion items receive adequate funding.

However, exceptional content and optimized data might fall short if your pricing isn’t competitive. Potential customers might click on a competitor's advertisement instead, even if yours ranks higher.

That's where our new partnership with Prisync becomes game-changing.

We're thrilled to offer our clients the ability to harness Prisync’s comprehensive price benchmarking insights, seamlessly integrated into the Feedoptimise platform. This integration enables the creation of dynamic, automated custom labels, enhancing your feed management across platforms like Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, and Meta, thereby amplifying your campaign's effectiveness and boosting your return on ad spend (ROAS).

With the Prisync modifier, creating custom labels that categorize products based on price competitiveness becomes straightforward. This allows for strategic budget allocation to competitively priced items, optimizing your campaign's overall performance. Additionally, you can import extensive metadata regarding your product’s pricing, including competitive pricing comparisons and discrepancies, and generate insightful visual reports with analysers or dive deep into analytical science behind pricing to performance correlation using AI data analyst.

The data points you can integrate into your campaigns include:

  • My Position: A numerical indicator of your pricing competitiveness, with 1 representing the most competitive price.
  • My Diff to the Cheapest: The monetary difference between your price and the lowest price available.
  • My Diff to the Cheapest (%): The percentage difference between your price and the most competitive price.
  • Summary: A comprehensive JSON list encapsulating all the above metrics.

To start leveraging Prisync’s data for optimizing your feed campaigns, all you need is an account with Prisync and an API token, available in your account settings.

Should you have any queries about the Prisync modifier or require assistance in setting up your custom labels, don't hesitate to contact us through our website’s contact form.