Integrate Global-e with your store and create currency-specific Google Shopping product feeds

Global-e provides cross-border e-commerce solutions allowing you to sell globally and helping with currency conversion and more.

Feedoptimise can easily integrate with Global-e API and make sure all the relevant country product feeds inside the Google Merchant Centre are up to date as per the relevant currencies and exchange rates and make sure that the feed's prices are matching up with what your website displays thus keeping the Google policy team happy.

We support Global-e connectivity across any shopping cart - Shopify (legacy and markets), BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, Presta, Salesforce and all other platforms including the custom build ones.

For all platforms except Shopify markets integration, you can import relevant currencies using the Global-e modifier:

For Shopify markets-based integration (non-legacy one), the relevant Global-e currencies can be imported directly at the source settings level:

Once you have relevant country currencies implemented, the last part is to make sure your feed contains relevant country tags so your website can display relevant currency as per Google Shopping stable landing page policy.

So, in order to do it you need to tag your URLs using a URL tagger modifier with relevant values which are:

1) Shopify markets - ?country= e.g.

2) Other stores/legacy Shopify integrations - ?glCurrency for currency and glCountry= for the country:

And of course, our team can assist you with all the setup if needed, just let us know.