How to display Google Shopping Sale Badge aka Strike-through price aka Sale Price Annotations across your Google Shopping Ads

We all know strike-through was price/sale price is something making listings more visible and something that anyone would naturally like to show across Google Shopping Ads and pass into the Google Merchant Centre to make items more visible, especially during the holiday season such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Xmas sales.

How to do it?

Below are the data feed attribute and data requirements to receive a sale badge:

  1. Sale_price - make sure your feed includes the sale_price attribute which should be set to your new price value and the price attribute which should be set to your was price amount.
  2. Make sure your “was price” has been charged for a total of at least 30 days (it doesn't need to be consecutive) in the past 200 days prior to your current sale price
  3. Discount right - Google only considers sale prices discounted no more than 90% and no less than 5%

Troubleshoot in case your strike-through is not showing:

  • Audit the number of items with the badge - go into merchant center - Products > All Products and select a filter to show any items with the sale badge on so you can check against your expectations.
  • Right feed’s data but Google bots are seeing old prices? - microdata - make sure your website’s microdata is reflective of your sale price and not featuring old ones.
  • Correct feed data and microdata but the sale badge is not showing. - check for the price history as per point 3 from the requirements list above.
  • Get in touch with us if you are still not sure why it might be happening.

Also, Google sometimes takes a bit of time to update so make sure not to check if it worked too quickly, they will need an hour or so to process your latest feed first.