How to link a data feed with your Meta (Facebook/Instagram) catalog

1) In Facebook Business Manager select the catalog you wish to link your feed to.

2) Go to “Data sources” from the left-hand side menu which assuming you don't have any feeds there already, should show the following window in which you should select the Data feed option and press the Next button: 

** in case some feeds already exist as a data source, its recommend to delete them since if you have more than 1 feed with the same items they might be conflicting, but in case you have some other feed and it has different items than the one you are trying to upload with your new feed, in order to see the window above, click on the Add Items button and then select the Add Multiple Items option:

3) Next, under Are you ready to upload your spreadsheet or file - select the Yes and press the Next button:

4) Next, make sure to select the Use a URL option at the top and enter your Facebook feed URL under the Enter the URL where your file is hosted section:

** username and password should be kept empty

5) Next window allows you to control your update schedule, we recommend a Daily update with the time set a few minutes after your Source schedule setup inside our system, you might need to have a more often schedule in place in case you update your feed more regularly than once a day:

6) Next, you can review your settings, update your Default currency if needed and press the Next button to go to the final screen:

7) In here you can confirm all settings are correct and then press the Upload button which will link it all up for you and start processing the feed the first time:

After that, you will be presented with a processing screen which you can close if needed, at that point schedule is being set and Facebook will keep processing all for you automatically.

** Please note, that it's important to make sure you have Replace Schedule in place which is added by default by following the steps above. The reason Replace Schedule is needed is because it's the only type of schedule that will make sure that feed-deleted/excluded items will also get deleted from your Facebook catalog after processing your latest feed, you can make sure you have Replace Schedule in place set up for your source under Catalog > Data sources, in there you can see your feed and the schedule it has setup: