Tracking Google Ads conversions without connecting Shopify to Merchant Centre

Suppose you use a feeds management platform like Feedoptimise to manage and optimise your Google Shopping feed in Google Merchant Centre. In that case, you will usually need to disconnect the Shopify Google sales channel/app from the Merchant Centre so it doesn’t override the data by syncing on top.

That often means your conversion tracking might stop if you added tracking via Google’s Shopify app as the tracking pixel is bundled with the app, however, at the time of writing this article, app settings are not letting you have just the tracking part without syncing products to GMC.

But worry no more, below we have listed 2 methods of how you can bypass that and be able to manage and optimise your feed using a feed management platform like ours and be able to track conversions without overriding and losing your feed optimisation efforts.

  1. Installing the pixel directly

    Integrate it using the direct approach as
    documented here.

    This option is by far the cleanest and most independent way of integrating Google Ads conversion tracking as you don’t need to connect Shopify with Merchant Centre at all and all the data in there comes from just 1 place plus you can control and add all extra options and parameters google ads tracking has to offer.

  2. Using Shopify App + feed label

    Contrary to the post title, with this option, you connect Shopify back but using a different
    feed label than the one you have in your primary feed which you are managing outside of Shopify and you use to run the campaigns and optimise the data in Merchant Centre. That way they will not clash and override each other, but you'll need to update your campaign setting to load the data from the relevant feed label.

    If you opt-in for this option, we recommend re-connecting using a destination other than shopping ads and free listings to prevent diagnostics issues and suspension warnings in case of missing attributes, e.g. you could use Google Cloud Retail as a destination for it.

We hope this article will help get your Shopify's Google Ads conversion tracking back in order and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.