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Having to keep your Google Shopping Ads up to date constantly with every price or availability change can be tiresome especially if you have lots of variants that are constantly changing.

Thankfully Google Merchant Center by default enable automatic item updates allowing you to not have to worry about if your Shopping Ads are up to date.

Please note, Feedoptimise handles all those updates for you already but in some cases when your prices or stock changes very frequently between feed updates then automatic stock and price updates might help to reduce interim disapproval rates.

What are automatic item updates?

Automatic item updates are currently offered for the price and availability attributes in your data feed, Google will automatically update your product listings on Shopping ads and Local Inventory ads whenever the price or availability changes on any of your products. This is done by Google constantly checking your website's landing pages and reading the required data using the structured data markup and their "advanced data extractors" to compare this against any data feeds being provided to them.









In the above example from Google's help article on automatic item update's it shows an example product being added to your Merchant Center from a data feed such as the ones we provide with a price attribute of $1, Google then reviews this listing and sees that your landing page actually shows this product for $2 so they will automatically update your listing to show $2 to customers, this is then updated again when you send a new data feed this time showing a price of $3 so now Google will update the listing to match the newest feed.

Why is this important? 

Automatic item updates allow you to reduce the risk of Google preemptively disapproving your product listing by reducing the number of listing mismatches from price or availability when google reviews your listing, meaning you have one less thing to worry about when it comes to Google Shopping Ads!

However, it is important to note that automatic item updates might not be the right solution for you, while there are many benefits to the system sometimes it can cause issues rather than resolve them! especially surrounding rich data snippets using structured data.

For example, your data feed provided by us to Google may show a variant of a product with a price that you have provided however when Google checks the site using automatic updates it may find a lower variants price as the default, meaning you would be advertising one variant but with the price of a lower one, this can be bad for multiple reasons, of course, the main issue is the wrong price being displayed to customers causing a bad customer journey but also if Google does a manual review and sees this price issue your ads account will be suspended, Alternatively the different variant picked up by Google may have a different stock quantity meaning you may end up advertising an out of stock item.

It is also possible if you keep Google's automatic updates on but your rich snippets are not formatted correctly Google may end up pulling incorrect information on your site and using it on your ads as rich snippets override incoming data feeds meaning once again you may find yourself with incorrect information on your ads causing listings to either be disapproved or your account suspended.

For more information on rich snippets and structured data you can go over to here 

For any questions or help on this topic feel free to contact us 

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