Google Merchant Centre Changes to Unique Product Identifier Enforcement

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From the 1st of November 2019, Google Merchant Center (GMC) will be making changes as to how it enforces Unique Product Identifiers (UPI) checks on your listings.

Previously if you did not have a UPI for a product that requires one such as a GTIN or an incorrect UPI your listing would be automatically disapproved until you resolved the issue.

The way GMC enforces issues with UPI’s is now changing, if your product does not have a UPI it will still be listed however it may not perform as well up against similar products that do have a correct UPI.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't have to worry about UPI’s as your product listing may still not perform too well however it does mean your product will not be automatically disapproved.

Your product may still be disapproved if you use the same UPI across different product types as it will be seen as ambiguous so it's very important to make sure all your UPIs are unique.

We recommend all our customers to take this opportunity to go through their products and ensure all their products have UPI's and contact any manufactures to fill in any gaps.

For more information please refer to this article from Google.

If you have any question contact us and we can help!

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