Optimising Google PLA - Case Study

Kit Out My Office have been using Feed Optimise for almost 2 years, to manage the product feeds (PLAs) from their Shopify platform into Google, Bing and also Facebook. They offer ads in a very competitive office furniture market, making it is important to stay accurate and ahead of their rivals so they work closely with tools Feed Optimise provides to manage their campaigns. When prices or stock levels change, they need to know their feed reflects the latest data, and that feed updates every morning at 8 am ready for the day ahead.

Their Shopify product feed features over 300 top level products, each with a number of options (variants) within the product, for choices such as ‘Size’, ‘Colour’ and ‘Delivery’. We pull this data straight out of the store and add a series of rules to create accurate individual products to offer each of these options as their own product in the PLA feed provided to Google and Bing Shopping platforms.



This method increases their 300 products to over 2600 individual options, each using their variant details to create unique product ID’s. For example, a filing cabinet might have 6 colours and 2 sizes, so we create 12 different products using their variant options and add them to titles such as ‘Filing Cabinet 800mm Blue’. We then take this a step further and pull in the individual variants image to ensure the listing is as accurate and stands the best chance of converting. We also use negative rules to ignore certain variants, for example, we remove any mention of the delivery options in the titles as these aren’t relevant at the product level.

An extra feature we've built for Kit Out My Office in May 2017 was a Google Doc that pulls in these titles into a collaborative document that they can amend on the fly. Using this method on an initial sample of products led to a 26% increase in click-through rates, so it has been rolled out across a larger number of products to test. This makes testing and optimisation much easier for the client and the next test will be doing a similar process for product descriptions.

Gareth Jones from Kit Out My Office said "Feed Optimise works hard to stay ahead of the competition with our shopping ads, so using a software package such as Feed Optimise has allowed us to make every pound work harder. The way we are able to build out our product portfolio using all the variants and their images make the product on the show to the customer much more appealing. I recommended them to numerous people, which is the ultimate mark of trust for a product."

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